• Do you want to change your body shape rapidly and safely, within a month? Do you have what it takes to stay focused for 28 consecutive days? If you do and you complete the programme, the results are fantastic.
  • Working with Henry, with this specially designed, high intensity programme over  30 minute per day, training 7 days per week, for 28 consecutive days, you will be amazed at the results. 
  • As well as training with Henry, you will meet with a top nutritionist, for a one to one nutritional consultation, followed by three, 30 minute weekly meetings to discuss progress and retest body measurements.
  • With the combination of focus, determination and nutritional control, this 28 day programme will allow you to achieve the results you are after and feel transformed within a month. 

Duration =  28 Days - 30 minutes per day = 14 hours in total. 
Training frequency =  7 sessions per week

To find out more information please contact Henry