• Train fast, smart and regularly. 
  • Sessions are of a higher intensity to increase metabolic rate
  • Based on the 25 minute HB Signature Workouts .

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Body shape change, weight loss, strength and fitness
I have trained with HB for a number of years in an attempt to stay fit and keep my weight under some sort of control. Typically training 2-3 hours a week in 1 hour sessions. In 2016 I have changed course and have begun training 5 times a week for 30 mins at a time. Since starting the shorter and higher intensity sessions I have seen my weight noticeably come down and a significant increase in muscle mass, meaning I am probably in the best physical condition since I stopped playing rugby c15 years ago. The regular training allows me to socialise with friends and family whilst maintaining a disciplined and controlled lifestyle.

The shorter sessions fit in much better with my work life as it means I am out of the office for considerably less time. The sessions are varied on a weekly basis which allows continuity during any given week whilst also providing stimulation and something new to look forward to each week.
Tom Barratt, Heritable Partners

Strength Training  
"Henry’s knowledge is incredible and I trust him completely. I suspect there is not a lot he doesn't know, and that what he doesn't know - I very much doubt you need to know. The sessions are planned meticulously against specific objectives and he pushes me to my absolute limit - which is exactly what I want."
Jules Davies