The package :

    • 60 minute nutritional consultation
    • 3 nutritional follow up sessions with body fat analysis
    • 20 personal training sessions
    • Food delivery to your door
    • All dietary requirements are taken into consideration, vegan, halal, pescetarian, dairy and gluten free


30 Minute Personal Training 

  • Train fast, smart and regularly. 
  • Sessions are of a higher intensity to increase metabolic rate
  • Based on the 25 minute HB Signature Workouts .

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60 Minute Personal Training 


  • Bespoke one to one personal training sessions use combinations of the successful HB Signature Workouts 
  • Tailored to suit both males and females, the sessions are focused on creating a natural base level of fitness through functional movement.

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Corrective Exercise

  • Sessions are focused on relieving pain and helping restore function to perform everyday tasks following injury or surgery.
  • Biomechanical assessments, rehabilitation programmes and therapy solutions are provided in order to understand the root cause of injury and prevent the injury from re occurring.
  • We refer with Surgeons, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists in order to provide the most comprehensive service possible. 


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Over 50's Training

  • Re introduce regular exercise to help become fitter, more mobile, increase energy levels and reduce the risk of injury or illness.
  • Designed to develop a base level of fitness, balance, strength, core and posture using the 60 minute remedial workout HB Signature Workouts 

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Running Coaching

  • Video analysis is used to learn the correct positions for the feet, knees, hips, back, arms and head whilst finding the ideal leg cadence to maintain a natural rhythm and allow for a consistent breathing pattern.
  • Periodised training programmes incorporate speed endurance, top speed, hills, strength and mobility training.


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Watt Bike Coaching

  • Sessions take the individual through peddle technique, optimum cadence, power to weight ratio, bike set up and data / technique analysis using the unique live pedaling force curve on the monitor, laptop or app.
  • Periodised training programmes cycle through high cadence, strength, power, speed endurance and mobility training.


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Boxing Coaching

  • Learn the art of boxing by using specific combinations used by professional boxers.
  • Jabs, hooks, upper cuts, head blocking, body blocking, footwork and combination shots.

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Sports Specific Coaching 

  • What ever your sport is, we will provide a biomechanical assessment to breakdown the core movements of the sport. Practice them as individual sections and then piece them back together with the correct continuous movement to improve efficiency and performance.
  • Sessions replicate the required movements to improve range of motion, endurance, strength, power, speed, co-ordination and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Golf, skiing, cycling, running, swimming, tennis, cricket, boxing, rugby, football, squash.

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Programme Design

    • If you feel confident to train on your own but are looking to fine tune your techniques, revitalise your routine, get key tips and generally gain invaluable advice for an ideal session for you, then book in for a programme design consultation.
    • Discuss your goals and targets and be guided through a one to one 60 or 30 minute personal training session to understand the correct movements, posture and what to look out for during the session.
    • Complete the session on your own each week for an agreed period of time.
    • Rebook for a one to one 60 or 30 minute training session to develop a new routine.
    • Build a log book of routines and be under the guidance of one of our personal trainers to maintain correct form, reduce the risk of injury and make faster progress.

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    Pre and Post Natal

    • Mothers continue their fitness regime in a safe and progressive environment to help maintain strength, balance and posture during pregnancy.
    • Get your pre baby shape back as quickly as possible using full body functional movement patterns to target the legs, bum, arms and abs.

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    Caliper Health Check



    • Callipers are used to measure lean muscle mass : fat mass ratios, a tape measure for circumference measurements and resting heart rate and blood pressure readings give a clear indication of health and fitness levels.
    • Short to long term training goals are agreed and re measured every 4-6 weeks.

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    • Henry works with London’s top nutritionist Steve Grant for bespoke nutritional programmes to fully utilise the efficiency of his training methods.

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