Henry started his career as a professional rugby player, playing with Harlequins, London Wasps and England U21's.  Since retiring from professional rugby in 2008 , Henry has  qualified as a personal trainer, running coach, watt bike coach and rehabilitation coach.  

With 15 years experience in the fitness industry, Henry has a distinctly calm, focused and dedicated approach. He uses movement patterns to get the best from his clients both physically and mentally.

He takes a long term view of creating positive habitual change by educating his clients with nutritional and lifestyle advice. Henry works alongside therapists, nutritionists and healthcare professionals in order to help and advise his clients and give them the highest standard of care. 

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    BSc - Business Management
    NASM Certified Personal Trainer - 1st Class honours
    Stuart McGill - Back Rehabilitation
    Stuart McGill - Performance Back Strength
    Advanced Functional Trainer 
    Golf Performance Specialist
    Fitness Diploma In Functional Performance
    Vivobarefoot - Running Coach
    Watt Bike Coach
    Premier - Pre and Post Natal Diploma
    Stevie Smith - Advanced Performance Boxing Coach
    Optimal life fitness – Boxing Instructor
    Tony Lester – Speed Development







     Henry lives by his 15 minutes a day approach to training for 365 days a year.

    He encourages his clients to train for 2.5 hours each week, in combinations of 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions for the most effective results, creating a faster metabolic rate and improving body composition.

    Henry promotes the use of free weights to increase intensity and challenge the body to stabilise.  Light free weights for females are encouraged to improve bone density, give good posture, lengthen muscles and help provide tone and shape. 

    Clients Focus on:

    Internal body awareness (IBA) 
    "An ability to feel posture, joint position and be able to activate and deactivate individual muscles to allow for greater body control.”
    What, when and how to eat
    Recovery and its importance related to sleep
    Positive habitual lifestyle changes
    How to structure training on their own




    Designed to be the most effective and time efficient workout using a full body, four exercise functional strength circuit, to be completed in under 5 minutes per circuit.


    A 5 min cardiovascular blast to start and end the session followed by the HB signature 15 minute workout.


    A full body workout focused on movement patterns to encourage weight loss, strength, posture, core stability and joint mobility.


    Used as an introduction / reintroduction to exercise, for rehabilitation or for older populations to gain confidence in movement, improve balance, basic strength, posture and joint mobility.


    Performance based training focused on postural and biomechanical analysis for specific sports such as marathons, triathlons, cycling, fell running, golf, tennis, squash, body building, rugby, sprinting and football.


    Learn the art of boxing by using specific combinations used by professional boxers.

    Jabs, hooks, upper cuts, head blocking, body blocking, footwork, combination shots.



    High intensity interval style sessions with varying recovery times, based on maximum distance travelled.


    Video analysis on posture, foot and body position coupled with 10 minutes of strength exercises.


    A combination workout of strength, power, speed and speed endurance.



    High intensity, short sharp bursts of speed with varying recovery times.


    Video analysis on posture, foot and body position coupled with 10 minutes of strength exercises. 


    A combination workout of strength, power, speed and speed endurance.

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    "Henry Barratt was one of the most astounding dedicated young athletes I met in my time as a senior pro at Harlequins Rugby Club. Incredible personal strength and speed but most importantly a total dedication to better himself at every available opportunity be it academically or on a sports field. I have absolutely no doubt he will be a major success in his new chosen field. Attention to detail, innovation, trust, confidence, key words in my England days, Henry will bring to the gym and his clients. He is a wonderful character and one I would have no hesitation in working with in the future."

    Dr Will Greenwood MBE - British & Irish Lions, England, Harlequins 


    "During his time with Harlequins, Henry demonstrated a work ethic that was second to none. Henry was extremely organised in his personal life and was one of the few players who were able to meet the demands of and complete a University Degree while being in full time professional rugby. This high level of personal organisation combined with his self motivation and professionalism, I am sure, will serve him well in his new business venture."

    Collin Osborne - Harlequins 1st Team Coach


    "During my time working with Henry he illustrated a very professional and dedicated approach to fitness and nutrition and this was represented in his excellent fitness levels. Performance fitness relies heavily on your attitude to training and this was certainly one of Henry's strengths."

    Paul Pook - Ireland & Harlequins Strength and Conditioning Coach 


     " I worked with Henry at Harlequins FC and found him to be an extremely focused individual who strives for perfection in all that he does. His professionalism, dedication and sheer determination makes him an exceptional young man. He was always ahead of his peers in strength and fitness levels and had the perfect build for a player in his position. I can personally recommend Henry as a person who will inspire and motivate people to improve their health and well being."

    Dave Bell  - Harlequins Strength & Conditioning Coach 




    Running analysis and strength coaching 

     "Working with Henry has transformed my fitness.  He has an innate ability to understand my needs and deliver exactly the right approach and level of challenge.  I look forward to every session (and that is from someone who hadn't been to a gym in 15 years before starting work).  I can't recommend him highly enough"

    Phil Bolton - Executive Coach


    Ironman Triathlon Coaching

    "Henry is an outstanding personal trainer, certainly the most professional, thoughtful and innovative I’ve ever worked with. His ability to quickly establish trust and confidence allowed us to make real progress right from the start and he has a style and approach to training that is genuinely inspiring.  Henry helped me prepare for the France Ironman this year. I had an ankle injury and began working with him 6 weeks out from race day. At this point I couldn’t run so my initial goal was rehabilitation to take part, but after working with Henry this quickly changed to focus on reducing my personal best time of 13 hours 24 minutes to under 13 hours. Not only did I finish, I achieved a new personal best on a difficult course in challenging conditions. It’s fair to say without Henry’s help this would have been almost impossible. The sessions are well prepared, very focused, hard work but fun, so enjoyable. The results of the sessions were clear to see and I look forward to continuing to work with Henry to stretch myself and reach a new personal best Ironman time. I have no hesitation in recommending him. "

    Adam Bagshaw - Deutsche Bank - Managing Director (x10 Ironman competitor) 


    Shoulder Rehabilitation to Prevent Surgery

    "I came off my mountain bike and severely dislocated my shoulder. The surgeons all said, “we need to operate, otherwise it will constantly dislocate”. I spoke to Henry who simply said, “surgery is the last resort, give me three months”. I did, and that was well over a year ago, no surgery needed!

    I now have absolute control of my shoulder, understand the importance of engaging my shoulder and scapular to ensure stability, I am stronger than I was, complete movements I never could, am more flexible and complete exercises in the gym I never would have for fear of dislocation. I would recommend his knowledge and expertise to anyone."

    Alex Horner, Business Director


    Remedial Personal Training

    "I started training with Henry about a year ago. At that time I consider myself to have been dangerously unfit. I weighed about 18 stone and literally couldn’t run for more than 3 minutes. Over the course of 6 months Henry built not only my fitness but also my confidence. I can now run for 35 minutes continuously and do so on a regular basis. My weight, and consequently my health, has improved greatly. I now find running an enjoyable activity and do so regularly. I find Henry to be unusual in his methodology. He uses an effective combination of encouragement and persuasion which in turn makes you want to work harder to achieve your goals. Surmountable targets and goals are another tool Henry uses to build with. "

    Rupert Jermyn, Corona Pictures Limited

    Corporate Wellness Training 

    "Henry came highly recommended to me by a couple of people. After working with him for a few months, I realised what a talent he was and arranged for him to run a weekly training session for employees in my company. I have been surprised by the diversity of the people who turn up to these sessions, from those who have been scared of exercising to the super fit. The result has exceed my expectations as people rave about the sessions and the difference it makes to them.  Henry is highly talented. He is passionate about his profession and extremely knowledgeable. If you are considering personal training, no matter on your level of fitness or objectives, I would highly recommend Henry." 

    Chris Bruce - Founder and Managing Director - Thomsons Online Benefits 


    Sports Rehabilitation after injury

    I injured my knee ligaments skiing in April 2009 and I was not able to walk. I saw Henry twice a week and thanks to the training, I strengthened my knee and leg again and I was able to ski the following year. I can now run and play tennis again.I would have no hesitation in recommending Henry to anybody who is recovering from a sports injury or who just wants to improve their general fitness. "

    Isabelle Atkinson - Skiing injury rehabilitation


    General Fitness 

    "Henry’s knowledge is incredible and I trust him completely. I suspect there is not a lot he doesn't know, and that what he doesn't know - I very much doubt you need to know. The sessions are planned meticulously against specific objectives and he pushes me to my absolute limit - which is exactly what I want."

    Jules Davies


    Pregnancy Fitness and Rehabilitation 

     "During my pregnancy I suffered with chronic SPD (pelvic pain) resulting in crutches for my last 8 weeks. I couldn't have regained my fitness without Henry; his approach to (and understanding of) postnatal training is fantastic. Henry's endless motivation and support kept me going through the tough times and it is for that I am extremely grateful. "

    Claire O’Flinn - Manches – Solicitor


    Marathon Preparation 

    "Henry is an excellent, reliable and dedicated trainer. Whether you have a specific goal (mine was finishing the London marathon in under 4 hours) or just want to improve your general fitness, I definitely recommend you ask Henry to help you get there. Thanks Henry!"

    Chantal Stein - Solicitor
    London Marathon = 3 hours 53 min 02 secs

    To find out more information please contact Henry