Kate Beckinsale Actress
Henry is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. I love him. He’s so good at what he does, makes sure it’s never boring and constantly comes up with new ideas to accommodate your personal fitness goals, any injuries or intense dislikes and is funny and cool. I’ll never forget his arse banana exercises or how to rehab a stiff neck with a broom handle. Could not recommend more. Love ❤️ 


Daniel Humm - Michelin star chef, Eleven Madison Park and Davies and Brook, Claridges
Henry is an amazing trainer and I love working with him. He’s a really great guy – he’s super approachable but also totally professional and knowledgeable. He understands how to create a workout that is balanced, so that your whole body benefits. He will tailor a program to your skills, interests, and goals, and make sure you are successful. I would recommend him to anyone.

Samantha HoopesSports Illustrated swimsuit model
Training with Henry is the most unique and fun experience. He uses techniques that I have never had another trainer use before. Training for just one week with him, I noticed a huge difference in my body from my posture to my muscle tone. He is not just a trainer but a mentor who truly cares about your wants and needs! 


Will Greenwood MBE - RWC winner 2003, British & Irish Lions, England & Harlequins 
Henry Barratt was one of the most astounding dedicated young athletes I met in my time as a senior pro at Harlequins Rugby Club. Incredible personal strength and speed but most importantly a total dedication to better himself at every available opportunity be it academically or on a sports field. I have absolutely no doubt he will be a major success in his new chosen field. Attention to detail, innovation, trust, confidence, key words in my England days, Henry will bring to the gym and his clients. He is a wonderful character and one I would have no hesitation in working with in the future.

Lady Dyson - Keep fit and knee rehabilitation
Henry Barratt is the first true professional trainer I have had.  He understands your level and carefully stretches and strengthens your body and mindset so you actually believe that you can achieve more.  He trains you to trust him and have faith in yourself to push for more. I have been unable to attend sessions for two years but faithfully follow his tailored routine every single day which keeps me fit and slim!!  We became friends and he still stays in touch to see how I am which is beyond any call of duty. 

Lady Wates - Keep fit and hip / back rehabilitation
Great trainer!  Has helped me rehab a bursitis hip and strengthen my back and increase mobility and strength.  He paces my workouts to suit age and ailments! Very knowledgeable and motivating!  Always prepared and keeps things changing.

Kevin The Lion Lilly - Heart & Hustle - LA's premier, private personal training facility
“Henry is my go to for everything fitness in London. The man has taken a lifetime of athleticism and turned it into absolute passion. Henry delivers his passion through service as he looks to educate anyone he gets in front of. “

Adam BagshawIronman training
As a client of 12 years, Henry is an outstanding personal trainer, certainly the most professional, thoughtful and innovative I’ve ever worked with. His ability to quickly establish trust and confidence allowed us to make real progress right from the start and he has a style and approach to training that is genuinely inspiring.

Matthew Peacock - Knee rehabilitation
‘Henry has been invaluable to my recovery from 4 operations on my knee in 12 months. The surgeon gave me a ‘best case’ 80% complete recovery and I would say I have 95%. Henry has created bespoke exercises which have developed and changed regularly to get me back functioning. A god send!

Dirk Boll - President of Christie’s, lives in London
I was introduced to Henry by a friend whose judgement I trusted, and rightly so. Henry’s deep understanding of what’s needed and the best way to achieve it, without the massive changes in daily routine we all fear, is impressive. He just knows how to motivate. In hindsight I am still astonished what he made possible - posture, flexibility, shape, he even made me run half-marathons. A great experience, to be continued!”

Reuben Jeffery - Strength, fitness and mobility
The best trainer I’ve ever worked with. Henry is the consummate holistic personal trainer.  He combines extraordinary PT expertise with a unique ability to understand the challenges and needs of his clients.  Sessions are varied, challenging, and always fit for purpose.

Alexander Farenholtz - German National Art Foundation, lives between Berlin and London 
“In the past I used to have a very strict “no sports” policy. Only the subtle (and not-so-subtle) influence of a long-standing client of Henry’s drove me towards a first trial. The rest is history, I am anxious to schedule regular sessions, and have understood that without pain there is no gain. I am proudly feeling (and more and more seeing!) the progress, and it is Henry’s success alone, his sensible planning for training sessions, and his soft pressure at the moment of implementation. All in one, his professionalism.”

Kat Boylan - Chronic back pain
I can’t recommend Henry highly enough, he’s a game changer. After a series of back injuries had severely affected my health both physically and mentally,  I found myself afraid to train and lacking direction. Thankfully, I was advised to see Henry who helped me face my fears and gave me the confidence to rebuild my fitness levels. In less than two months I’ve ditched the painkillers and now almost completely pain-free and exercising regularly.

Bob Monaghan - Spinal injury rehabilitation
I trained with Henry for well over a year…the 6:00am slot! Henry created a highly bespoked programme for my long-term rehabilitation from a severe spinal injury. The real-world difference Henry made to my life is difficult to fully summarise in a testimonial. Henry targets more than just physical restoration; he brings a ‘no limits’ positivity that is more infectious than SARS-CoV-2. I fully recommend Henry to anyone rehabilitating from injury.

Vamshi Lingampally - Chronic back pain
"I suffered from chronic backpain owing to multiple accidents and was introduced to Henry by my chiropractor to build core strength. As someone who already lived a healthy lifestyle (food, yoga etc.) and exercised regularly, I did not crack the code to sustainable pain management. (I also was told by many doctors that I should accept a life with chronic pain and take pain killers for management).  Having worked with many trainers before, I was bit skeptical about meeting with Henry. But, when I did, he made me understand pain management with a totally different lens and that it is possible to train muscles for curing chronic pain. His approach is both scientific & holistic, and he continuously adapts his plan to match my physical and emotional state. He has incredible patience and takes time to listen and training with him has improved my movement range and strength – this had dramatic impact on pain, strength and overall wellbeing. I feel better than I felt in my early 20’s.  I will not categorize Henry as just a personal trainer – He is holistic with a unique method that combines mind-body philosophy with physical training. The by-product of his approach is that his clients have improved mental wellness!!! Henry is very inspiring, and I must say that after our every session, I learn something new and leave on a high note. I gained incredible knowledge about optimal nutrition, movement, strength training, and I am more empowered to make right choices that are sustainable. Thank you, Henry!

Chris Bruce - Fitness, strength and flexibility
Henry is highly talented. He is passionate about his profession and extremely knowledgeable. If you are considering personal training, no matter on your level of fitness or objectives, I would highly recommend Henry.

Jules Davies - Strength and fitness
"Henry’s knowledge is incredible and I trust him completely. I suspect there is not a lot he doesn't know, and that what he doesn't know - I very much doubt you need to know. The sessions are planned meticulously against specific objectives and he pushes me to my absolute limit - which is exactly what I want."

Alex Horner Shoulder rehabilitation
"I came off my mountain bike and severely dislocated my shoulder. The surgeons all said, “we need to operate, otherwise it will constantly dislocate”. I spoke to Henry who simply said, “surgery is the last resort, give me three months”. I did, and that was well over a year ago, no surgery needed! I would recommend his knowledge and expertise to anyone."

Phil Bolton - Running technique and posture
"Working with Henry has transformed my fitness.  He has an innate ability to understand my needs and deliver exactly the right approach and level of challenge.  I look forward to every session (and that is from someone who hadn't been to a gym in 15 years before starting work).  I can't recommend him highly enough"

Rupert Jermyn - Weight loss
"When I started training with Henry I consider myself to have been dangerously unfit. I weighed about 18 stone and literally couldn’t run for more than 3 minutes. Over the course of 6 months Henry built not only my fitness but also my confidence. 

Isabelle Atkinson - Knee rehabilitation
"I injured my knee ligaments skiing in April 2009 and I was not able to walk. I saw Henry twice a week and thanks to the training, I strengthened my knee and leg again and I was able to ski the following year. I can now run and play tennis again.I would have no hesitation in recommending Henry to anybody who is recovering from a sports injury or who just wants to improve their general fitness. "

Claire O'Flinn - Post pregnancy
"During my pregnancy I suffered with chronic SPD (pelvic pain) resulting in crutches for my last 8 weeks. I couldn't have regained my fitness without Henry; his approach to (and understanding of) postnatal training is fantastic. Henry's endless motivation and support kept me going through the tough times and it is for that I am extremely grateful. "

Chantal Stein - Marathon training
"Henry is an excellent, reliable and dedicated trainer. Whether you have a specific goal (mine was finishing the London marathon in under 4 hours) or just want to improve your general fitness, I definitely recommend you ask Henry to help you get there. Thanks Henry!"

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Professional recommendations

Tim EdbrookePhysiotherapist, The London Spine Clinic, 116 Harley Street "I have no hesitation in recommending Henry Barratt. I regularly send him some of my most challenging clients who are require a progressive programme of rehabilitation exercise, and his mature considered approach has invariably brought about impressive results. His own background in high level sport, and his level of post-graduate study, gives him a considerable edge over less experienced trainers, and his long-term approach allows even those clients with no experience of physical training to make considerable gains."
Collin Osborne - Harlequins 1st Team Coach . 

"During his time with Harlequins, Henry demonstrated a work ethic that was second to none. Henry was extremely organised in his personal life and was one of the few players who were able to meet the demands of and complete a University Degree while being in full time professional rugby. This high level of personal organisation combined with his self motivation and professionalism, I am sure, will serve him well in his new business venture."

Paul Pook - Ireland & Harlequins Strength and Conditioning Coach
"During my time working with Henry he illustrated a very professional and dedicated approach to fitness and nutrition and this was represented in his excellent fitness levels. Performance fitness relies heavily on your attitude to training and this was certainly one of Henry's strengths."  

Dave Bell  - Harlequins Strength & Conditioning Coach   
"I worked with Henry at Harlequins FC and found him to be an extremely focused individual who strives for perfection in all that he does. His professionalism, dedication and sheer determination makes him an exceptional young man. He was always ahead of his peers in strength and fitness levels and had the perfect build for a player in his position. I can personally recommend Henry as a person who will inspire and motivate people to improve their health and well being." 

To find out more information please contact Henry      
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