• Sessions take the individual through peddle technique, optimum cadence, power to weight ratio, bike set up and data / technique analysis using the unique live pedaling force curve on the monitor, laptop or app.
  • Periodised training programmes cycle through high cadence, strength, power, speed endurance and mobility training.

Duration = 30 or 60 minute sessions
Training frequency = 1 to 3 sessions per week

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Ironman Triathlon Coaching
"Henry is an outstanding personal trainer, certainly the most professional, thoughtful and innovative I’ve ever worked with. His ability to quickly establish trust and confidence allowed us to make real progress right from the start and he has a style and approach to training that is genuinely inspiring.  Henry helped me prepare for the France Ironman this year. I had an ankle injury and began working with him 6 weeks out from race day. At this point I couldn’t run so my initial goal was rehabilitation to take part, but after working with Henry this quickly changed to focus on reducing my personal best time of 13 hours 24 minutes to under 13 hours. Not only did I finish, I achieved a new personal best on a difficult course in challenging conditions. It’s fair to say without Henry’s help this would have been almost impossible. The sessions are well prepared, very focused, hard work but fun, so enjoyable. The results of the sessions were clear to see and I look forward to continuing to work with Henry to stretch myself and reach a new personal best Ironman time. I have no hesitation in recommending him. "
Adam Bagshaw - Deutsche Bank - Managing Director (x10 Ironman competitor)